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Learn Price Action Trading and become Consistently Profitable.

  • Are you a Complete beginners?
  • Do you make losses in the stock market?
  • Don’t know any Strategies?
  • How to analyse a stock? What things to look for?
  • How to make money consistently from stock market?

Keep reading if you want to know…..

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Trading Course.

How to Analyse a stock?- Basic to Advanced Price Action Trading.

50+ Hours worth of Content in form of videos watch Anytime.

How to select stocks? How to make a WatchList?

Multiple Trading Strategies.

Access to another FREE course on Fibonacci.

24x7 Support. Ask any questions or doubts.

FREE pdf and 50+ Books on Trading and Technical Analysis.

Risk Management- How to Reduce Losses.

How to Analyse an Option Chain.

Chart and Money Flow Quantative 360 Degree Analysis.

Q&A Sessions and Live trades.

How to open Demat account for beginners and how to actually operate it.How to select stocks? How to make a WatchList?

Common Biases and How to control emotions while trading.

Certificate on Completion of course.

Investing Course.

How to Analyse a Stock- My 7 Step Process.

How to read Balance sheet

how to read Income and Cashflow statement

How to analyse a Sector?

how to find out intrinsic value of a stock

Multiple Case Studies.

Which stocks and sectors to Avoid and Why

Common Mistakes Beginners Make

Live Analysis of 10+ companies.

Expert Stock Analysis.

Access to 50+ ebooks on Stock Investing.

When to Buy and Sell a stock?

FREE pdf of my Book on Investing.

How to Analyse and Select a Mutual Funds?

FREE access to another course on stock market basics.

Certificate at the End of the Course.


Access to ALL videos in both trading and Investing courses.

FREE access to another Course (advanced).

Live Analysis (Short and Long Term) of ANY 3 stocks YOU SAY.

Live Weekly Analysis of NIFTY 50.

Free weekly doubts solving Calls from Me persoanlly.

Very Advanced concepts that you won't find on YouTube or a book.

100+ FREE ebooks and PDFs to study and access to my latest book.

I will personally make a trading plan for you based on your needs and requirements.

Access to hidden tricks to make Analysis simpler and increase success rate.

How to AUTOMATE Analysis without any programming knowledge.

Learn MS Excel for more advanced analysis.

3 Certificates at the end of the Course. One for trading, one for Investing and one for MS Excel.

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Is the Price Too High?

If you go on YouTube to Learn you’ll face 3 main Problems.

  1. Unstructured way of learning.
  2. Incomplete and Basic Information.
  3. No live Analysis or doubt clearing.

Our aim is to teach beginners EVERYTHING they need to know. From basic to advance concepts in SIMPLE language.

If you go with a course on Trading, it’ll either be too basic or too expensive.

Courses on Trading are usually priced at 50,000-1,00,00 rupees. Our goal is to teach everything in as little cost as  possible.

It’s better to pay 5-10k for learning than make a loss of 1,00,000 rupees.

Learn before you EARN.

  • Basic to Advanced training
  • 24x7 Support. Ask any doubts.
  • Live analysis of Multiple stocks on your Demand.
  • 100+ Students enrolled
  • FREE access to another course

What You will Learn


How to read charts without indicators.

How to select stocks? Watchlist Creation.

50+ Common Mistakes to Avoid.

Many Trading Strategies according to your level.

How to Analyse Option Chain and trade in F&O.

How to Analyse Volume.

Risk management and Position Sizing.

How to Maintain a journal and record your trades.

What things to look for?

Live Trading- How to control emotions while trading.


  • More content available as time passes
  • You will recover the entire fees through trading
  • Proper Plan for your trading future

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Testimonials from our Students.

"At first I was a bit reluctant to buy the course. But when I bought it, my trading improved ALOT. I went from making losses and listening to experts, to making 1 lakh a month from trading. This is a MUST BUY for all."
Rakesh Kumar
"After hours of search on YouTube I was frustrated. But then I found this course. I couldn't be happier. It covers everything from basic to advanced. Plus, you can ask any doubts to Vikrant Sir. You'll love it!"
Pratiksha Shah
"I was a student so I thought that this course was above my budget, but when I look back, I should've bought it sooner. The language is so easy and detailed."
Rahul Balan
"I thought share market was too difficult for non commerce students. But this course makes it so simple. I started making enough profits to cover my fees. This course is best for Everyone."
Harish Chandwani
"This is the BEST course for beginners. There is a lot of content and Vikrant Sir is so helpful that whenever I have questions, he personally answers them".
Priyanka Shinde
Doctor, M.B.B.S
"This course is better than any other course. You are taught by some really successful and experienced people like Ian Cassel. I've spent thousands of dollars, and this course stands out amongst them."
Vincent Carlson
CPA and Auditor

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FREE course Preview

Click HERE to watch the FREE preview of the course. This video is completely free and it is a sneak peek of things to expect from the course.

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